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When a marital relationship breaks down or serious problems arise in the years after a divorce, everyone involved has a lot at stake. Whether your concerns center on protecting your children and parental rights or holding the other party to financial obligations and commitments, it is vital to have a strong, knowledgeable attorney on your side.

A Veteran Of Precedent-Setting Divorce And Post-Divorce Litigation

I am Elliott Louis Pell, a New Jersey and New York divorce lawyer you can trust to prioritize your case and align my efforts with your most important goals. Across more than 40 years in practice, I have effectively represented numerous women and men in intensely contested dissolution and post-divorce cases.  


Asserting Custody Rights And Fighting For Favorable Financial Outcomes

While I look for every opportunity to resolve family law matters amicably, I have a strong track record in cases that require strategic analysis and adept, comprehensive case building. My extensive experience in high-value business and financial litigation equips me especially well to deal with complex disputes over the equitable division of marital assets. You can turn to me with confidence for:

  • Representation of your interests in all aspects of a divorce, including resolution of child custody, spousal support/alimony and property division
  • Diligence in addressing unique financial considerations, such as whether certain assets should be treated as individual property and either party’s concealment of assets or other financial wrongdoing
  • Counsel and decisive action to enforce court orders being violated by your ex-spouse or another party


Reach A Formidable, Trial-Proven Family Law Attorney Serving All Of New Jersey And New York

Protection of your rights, your assets and your most important relationships requires a focused, knowledgeable and passionate lawyer. To discuss your needs and legal options in any family law matter, however complex, I encourage you to contact me and schedule a personalized, discreet consultation.



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